The Moe School

The Moe School is the oldest one room school house in Barry County.  It was built in the 1850's and was located on the corner of Parmelee Road and Moe Road near Middleville Michigan. 

Through the years it was a school house for many years and later a meeting place for ladies groups, in the 1980's was sitting dormant. It had not been used in quite some time and was deteriorating rapidly.  The school house was brought to our attention by Hazel McCall, a woman that had been a teacher in the school when she was young. 

After doing research it was discovered that the school could be bought for $1 if it was moved from the site.  Hazel McCaul purchased the school for the historical park. Soon the restoration project began on the school at sight where the  was located. Many things needed to be done before it would be ready to move.  The sills were replaced under the school by tunneling down and crawling in under the school to do the work.  This process took much time and was tedious.  After the sills were replaced the preparation began to get the school ready for 10 mile journey to the mill property.  Many volunteers lended a hand and a lowboy trailer was rented.  Rollers were used to roll the school on to the trailer. 

Once on the road we all cheered and the long haul began. The one room school moved slowly down the road toward the new stone foundations waiting at its final resting place in the historical park.

There was much work to be done, the school was in rough shape and in need of many repairs.  Siding needed to be replaced and a new belfrie had to be made.  Inside layers of old wall coverings were removed, to take it back to the original wood.  Old school desks from a nearby school house were brought in.  After much labor and lots of paint the school house took on the near new look of years gone by.

There was much celebration, and many turned out for the dedication service That took place during and Old Fashioned Day Festival.  Many children come to spend time in the old school over the years since it's completion.  Old Students have taken time to visit the school.  There are classes, meetings and even dinners, that take place there now.  Because of much love and tender, care history was preserved once again, for all to enjoy and learn from.. The past lives again....

Much thanks to the key players in this restoration project, the credit goes to Hazel McCall for purchasing the School, and to Neal & Marion Cook, Owen & Carleen Sabin, Bart Griffeth, Al Conklin, The Laansma Family, and many others.