This Old Mill

As you drive the country side throughout the United States, they are always there, some may not notice them, but those who are looking for them always see them.

Most of them are forgotten, some of them have been torn down, lots of them have boarded windows, falling beams and can hardly be seen through the brush and trees.  But if you look they are there, calling out history, of days long past forgotten.  Days when farmers lined up with grain to be ground to feed their families and their livestock.  Few of them have been remembered for their years of loyalty and honor.  Like forgotten heroes that in spite of years of duty, have been ignored, left behind to rot and decay, and finally fall to the ground.

This is how it all began for one mill.  It had been many years, a long time, 40 years since the old grind stones had turned. Everyone from the area knew it was there and probably had wandered down the little trail of a road that passed the mill and then crossed the dam lots of times. Many liked to come as children and swing on the rope and jump into the nice cool water of the millpond near the seemingly abandoned, old faded red building with broken windows that was curiously perched in such a quaint setting. Others that were older would tell about the days when they were small and they would come with their fathers and grind feed, or wait in line with horse and wagon for their apples to be pressed into fresh cider. Oh yes, the mill was there and so were lots of memories, for many over that long period of time.

When you pass the mill today, it is hard to believe, you see the red paint, and the many windows reflecting the leaves of the huge walnut trees, you see the grass is kept and the beautiful refection in the pond, you grab your camera, snap a shot and say "Wow isn't it amazing, look at this old mill.  It is in such good shape for being over 100 years old, it's like time just stood still".  But if you stay a little longer and you look around, you will see someone, quietly working, with a smile on their face, remembering those that made it possible.

We have celebrated over 30 years of "It's Cider Time Festivals".  Over 30 years of fun for many families who have come to enjoy the mill and its curious atmosphere over the years, but there is another celebration going on, a simpler one, a celebration of two people with a vision to look beyond the broken boards and sagging timbers. To see people, lots of people, with children, laughing and having a wonderful time, enjoying history and the way things used to be, in a quiet corner of the world called Bowens Mills. Come celebrate over 30 years of hard work, love and care.  As we continue to celebrate the rebirth of Historic Bowens Mills.  Yes, we are still here.  And we LOVE it!

Owen & Carleen Sabin