The Bowen House History
A Victorian Farm House

William Bowen & Adeline Richards were married on December 31, 1874, and built the house across the road from his parents (the old Saw Millers house).

The Bowen House is an Victorian farm house and it was the only house that the Bowens ever built.  William Bowen and his wife lived in the house many years, they had no children so the house and the mill could not be passed on.

The house was owned by many families throughout the years. In 1984 the house fell to foreclosure and Neal and Marion Cook had the opportunity to purchase it to be included in the historical park. Owen & Carleen Sabin (Son in law & Daughter) moved in shortly after that and began working on restoring the house for tours and helping with the ongoing restorations on the mill grounds.

Every year they would finish another room to be open at the "It's Cider Time Festivals". Now there are 11 rooms completed and the house is used for many gala events. The Sabin's now live in on the third level of the mill in the beautiful living quarters there and they are delighted that the house is making wonderful memories for the many bridal parties and tour groups that choose to have their outing at Bowens Mills. Thank you for your support in helping us to continue to preserve history here at Historic Bowens Mills.