Historic Bowens Mills is honored to host  our two day Civil War Event. It will take place on the Saturday October 31 and Sunday November 1 .
 at "It's Cider Time Civil War Days".  Visitors can enjoy the large Civil War Living History Encampment with both military and civilian camps, along with tours of the old mill, cider making, live old time music and horse drawn rides. The fun begins at 12 noon and lasts until 5 pm. 


There will be a Battle both Saturday & Sunday at 3pm.

This Civil War event will be one of the largest reenactments ever hosted at Bowens Mills, there will be re-enactors from Michigan and neighboring states participating in this event as well as several Canons.  You will see, hear and feel, what life during the Civil War was like.  Camp life throughout the grounds can be enjoyed. Artillery demonstrations along with numerous military and civilian demonstrations as well as ongoing activities taking place throughout the Village. Some of the activities that you may see and/or participate in are: cooking over an open fire, lessons in the schoolhouse, cider making, live music, wagon rides, and many other activities.

Historic Bowens Mills is an 1864 Grist Mill & Cider Mill and pioneer farm village. The old mill is a working museum that still grinds and sells fresh corn meal through the use of the original water-powered mill stones.

The 19 acre Historical Park now consists of :

• 1864 Grist & Cider Mill The antiquated four-story building’s main floor houses a working Water Powered Grist Mill, Cider Mill and a Museum.  There is a Blacksmith Shop, a Water Powered Machine Shop in its lower Level.  The third floor has been transformed into a quaint and cozy living quarters. The top floor has a lot of old machinery, gears, and pulleys still in that area.

• 1840’s two story Plank House, the oldest house in Bowens Mills, moved to the mill property in 1985

• 1850’s Moe School one room school house, moved to the mill in 1988, it is the oldest one room school house in Barry County

• 1860’s 11 room Victorian House built by the Bowens

• A Post & Beam Barn, home of Belgian Draft Horses

• A Quaint Covered Bridge crosses the Old Mill Stream

• 17 foot Water Wheel completed in 1999

• “Ye Ole Craft Shoppe” an artisans woodworking and coopers shop

• “Bowens Mills Gathering Place” a huge Arts & Entertainment Center for displays, weddings, social events, meetings, conferences, & performances

• Log Cabin “Fork River Trappers Trading Post” Completed in 2002

• "The Saw Millers Cabin" down by the Old Mill Stream

• One-Room Restored "Line Camp Cabin" located near the "Trappers Trading Post"


The Old Mill is a second generation, family-owned and operated state historic site with no state funding.  The Sabin's seek community support to help with the future challenges of this historic landmark, thus preserving history for future generations to learn from and enjoy. The "It’s Cider Time Festival" gate fee for adults is $5.00, Children 12 and under $3.00.  Festival hours are 12-5pm.  

ALL CIDER TIME FESTIVALS INCLUDE: Free Horse Drawn Wagon Ride with admission, Cider pressing demonstrations on the 100+ year old water-powered cider press, stone ground corn grinding demonstrations on the huge mill stones, Pioneer Farm with animals, along with many other history related activities. 

The Old Mill is located in the heart of beautiful Yankee Springs Township in Barry County just 2 miles north of Yankee Springs (Gun Lake) State Park. Watch for the Huge Millstone Marker at 55 Briggs Road, Middleville, MI  49333.  Visit www.BowensMills.com or call 269-795-7530 for more information.